Github Pages hosting

    1. Create your Github account (need a unique email address per acct)
    2. Create the website on your local development machine
    3. Create your local git repo (for a short how-to on Git, look at
    4. Sign into your new account and create the remote repo

KEY STEP: It MUST be in the format
The username portion IS case sensitive and MUST match the case of your github username

    1. On your local git repo, create a remote repo

git remote add github

username MUST match case of the Github username created in step 1

    1. Push your site to the remote repo

git push github master

    1. Test your content by browsing to
    2. KEY STEP: For DNS, add (or modify) the @ A record (for the domain itself) to point to the IP address of (discovered by pinging that address)
      Add (or modify) the www CNAME record to point to
    3. KEY STEP: Create the CNAME file in your project folder (NOTE: it is called CNAME, not CNAME.txt)

It should contain the following:

  1. KEY STEP: Push the CNAME file to the project and test for both, and